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Where can homeowners and business owners look for dependable, effective bat and mole removal in Connellsville, PA? Their first call should be to the experts at Wildlife Pest Control Services in Daisytown, PA. We can handle any and all bat and mole situations at properties all across Southwestern Pennsylvania. Remember that the longer you delay, the worse the problem will get. Call on us immediately as soon as you see any evidence of bats in your attic or moles on your property. Contact us today, and let us help you be pest-free! Call us at (724) 938-2002.


Giving Bats the Boot From Your Connellsville Home or Business

When is a bat ready for a change of scenery? The answer is when it decides to take up residence where it does not belong! Our team of professionals will be more than happy to arrange that change of scenery for any bats that invade your home or business in Connellsville, PA. Bats are more than a nuisance. They can be a serious health risk, carrying rabies, histoplasmosis, and other diseases. Why risk your own health by attempting a DIY removal? Let our experts handle your bat removal safely, quickly, and effectively. We can even make sure they will not come back with prevention techniques in your Connellsville structure. For more information on our bat removals, please visit


We Are Connellsville’s Choice for Mole Removal

Holy moly! Moles have moved into your Connellsville, PA, yard, and they are tearing it up. What should you do? Should you attempt a DIY removal with some gimmicky gadget? No. The smart decision is to call our professionals at Wildlife Pest Control Services. Moles can cause a great deal of damage in yards and gardens, so act quickly. We can get to your home or business as soon as possible, inspect the property, and deal with your mole problem with little disturbance. Wildlife Pest Control Services is Connellsville’s choice for superior mole removal.

We Live to Eliminate Creepers, Crawlers, and Critters

Here at Wildlife Pest Control Services, we are more than just quality bat and mole removal. There is no pest control or wildlife control issue that our team of experts cannot handle. We stand ready to help at any home or business all across Connellsville, PA, and the surrounding area. We can eliminate termites and ants, and we can handle beavers and coyotes. We are up to the task. Our team can even incorporate pest prevention methods at your home or business to keep those pesky critters and creepers away. Customers in Connellsville, PA, have turned to us for years for their pest control needs. Discover what they already know. Call us today.


Wildlife Pest Control Services is the name to remember for bat and mole removal in Connellsville, PA.