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Mice, Rats & Rodents Pest Control

Mice, Rats & Rodents

Rats and mice pose significant challenges for homeowners, businesses, and communities due to their destructive behaviors and potential health risks. Here’s a refined version of your message:

Rats and mice are pervasive pests that can wreak havoc on properties and communities, causing damage, contaminating food supplies, and spreading diseases. 

Recognizing the differences between these rodents is crucial for effective pest management:

Identification: Roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice are among the most common rodent pests encountered nationwide. While they may appear similar, mice are smaller in size with smoother coats and long, thin tails, whereas rats can grow up to a pound in weight, sporting rough coats and thick, scaly tails.

Reproduction: Both rats and mice are prolific breeders, capable of quickly multiplying their numbers. Rats reach reproductive maturity between three to four months and can produce up to 10 pups every three weeks, while mice can give birth to as many as 60 pups in a single year.

Health Risks: Rodents pose significant health risks to humans, as pathogens found in their feces and urine can lead to severe illnesses and diseases upon contact or ingestion.

Entry Points: Rodents are adept at squeezing through small openings in structures. Mice can fit through openings as small as a dime, while some rats can access spaces as large as a quarter.

Infestation Signs: Signs of a rat or mouse infestation include droppings, scratching sounds in walls and ceilings, and gnaw marks on baseboards, floors, and food containers.

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At Wildlife Pest Control Services, we specialize in comprehensive rodent control solutions to address infestations effectively and prevent future occurrences. Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to identify and eliminate rodent infestations, safeguarding your property and ensuring peace of mind for you and your community.

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