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Groundhog Wildlife Control


Groundhog inspections are essential for identifying entry points and addressing nuisance behaviors on your property. At Wildlife Pest Control Services, we conduct thorough assessments to determine how groundhogs are accessing your home, followed by live trapping services to safely remove them.

Groundhog Nuisance Behaviors:

Diet: Groundhogs are known for their voracious appetite for vegetables commonly grown in gardens, making them a significant nuisance for farmers and gardeners alike.

Burrowing: Their habit of burrowing can cause extensive damage, undermining foundations and posing structural risks to buildings and landscaping.

If your home or business is under attack from wildlife, contact Wildlife Pest Control Services. Our professional technicians can get the job done quickly.

Our Services include Comprehensive Inspections

Our skilled technicians identify and assess groundhog entry points and potential damage to your property.

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