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When you need outstanding, trustworthy pest and wildlife control in Fayette County, PA, count on the experts at Wildlife Pest Control Services in Daisytown, PA. By the time you see an unwanted insect or animal in your Belle Vernon, PA, home or business, the clock is already running. Pests multiply quickly, and most will not leave on their own, especially if they are seeking food and warmth. That is when it is time to call in our professional extermination team. They can take care of any infestation that you have, and give you tips on how to prevent them in the future.

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Mole Damage Increasing in Pennsylvania

Damaging mole activity is on the rise in Pennsylvania, especially in our southwestern region, including Perryopolis, PA. This is why the experts at Wildlife Pest Control Services have been fine-tuning our mole control program for the past few years. The peak season for mole damage is in the spring and early summer months in Fairchance, PA, but moles are active year-round. When it comes to mole damage, unless you act aggressively, the problem will not go away. Do not be fooled by costly gimmicks or devices that claim to repel moles. The only effective means of control in Dunbar, PA is trapping and removal. To find out more about our mole control programs, or to schedule a yard inspection in Smithfield, PA, contact Wildlife Pest Control Services today. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your yard!

Ants are Everywhere in Southwestern PA

Seeing ants in your home is very common in Smithfield, PA. Ants are everywhere, and your Lemont Furnace, PA, home provides a perfect location for them to hide, eat, and reproduce. Some types of ants such as carpenter ants love to nest within the dead wood of trees. Often, they are found infesting the moist wood of houses in Farmington, PA.

Carpenter ants create reproductive colonies that will include a queen and worker ants. Formica ants are reddish, black, or a combination of the two colors and are one of Brownsville, PA’s most common types of ant. Formica ants create loose mounds of dirt and spread quickly. If you see ants on your counters or floor, contact Wildlife Pest Control Services as soon as you can. Where there is one ant, there may be hundreds.

Rid Your Home or Business of Fleas and Bed Bugs Today

Fleas and bed bugs sneak into your Dunbar, PA, home or business in all sorts of ways, whether on animals, in luggage, or on clothing. They then multiply rapidly. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs and fleas do not only infest dirty or cluttered buildings. They can be found anywhere. Bed bugs and fleas are unhealthy parasites, and should be handled immediately upon discovery. Over-the-counter pesticides may work to clear parasites out for a time, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers. Fortunately, you can trust the experts at Wildlife Pest Control Services to eliminate and exterminate these pests entirely in Masontown, PA. We can fully inspect your Smithfield, PA home or business to formulate an effective plan to attack the parasites at the source.

Here is a sample of the many insect and animal pests that we can eliminate for you.

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