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Canada Geese

While Canada geese are federally protected, their tendency to populate areas alongside human beings can lead to various problems. Their grazing behavior causes damage to crops, landscapes, gardens, and vegetation, while their fecal matter contaminates bodies of water and poses health risks to indigenous animal populations due to bacteria spread.

Human-fed geese may lose their natural fear of people, becoming territorial and potentially aggressive towards adults, children, and pets. However, Canada geese can only be trapped by properly permitted individuals due to federal regulations.

Effective control measures focus on habitat modification and discouraging human feeding to reduce populations. Strategies such as creating barriers of natural vegetation and installing fences around bodies of water can deter geese from settling in an area. 

As certified wildlife specialists, our technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to address Canada geese problems safely and effectively. We employ humane removal techniques to capture and release these birds, ensuring the protection of both people and wildlife.

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