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Beaver assessments are crucial for managing their impact on properties and ecosystems. At Wildlife Management Services, we perform detailed evaluations to understand how beavers are affecting your area, followed by humane relocation or mitigation strategies to manage their presence.

Beaver Nuisance Behaviors:

Diet: Beavers are primarily herbivores, feeding on tree bark, leaves, and aquatic vegetation. Their strong preference for certain tree species can lead to the loss of valuable trees on your property and alter local ecosystems.

Dam Building: One of the most distinctive behaviors of beavers is their ability to build dams on streams and rivers. While these dams can create beneficial wetland habitats, they can also cause flooding, damage to property, and changes to water flow that may impact other land uses or aquatic habitats.

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Comprehensive Inspections: Our skilled technicians identify and assess beavers entry points and potential damage to your property.

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